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Superb Ormolu Mounted Chinese Flambe Porcelain Vase

Qianlong period, ca: second half 18th century


The Vase with the most beautiful variegated blue glaze with wonderful overall crackle.  This type of porcelain was imitating early Jun ware from the Song dynasty- and took it to another level.

The mounts are equally stunning, and with almost identical to examples in the British Royal Collection that are described in wonderful detail by John Ayers, Vol. II, Nos. 1289 and 1290.  Ayers attributes the mounts to either the British firm of Edward Holmes Baldock or French form of Philippe-Claude Maelrondt, ca: early 19th century.  The British examples are in Brighton from the George IV reign.

The vase and mounts measure 23 inches (59 cm.) in greatest height.
Ex: Continental European Collection where it was in a collection since around the mid-1900s. 

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