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CHINESE TEAPOTS AND RELATED WARES have inspired many collections. The variety of forms are numerous, and their decorations are among the most diverse in all of Chinese decorative arts. These include: floral motifs, trees, landscapes, animals, birds, figures, and various combinations of these. 

From the outset, tea in the West was a luxury item. Therefore, it is not surprising that anything related to it became something to make special and beautiful. 
We include some very special examples in this mailing. The detailed painting on the cups and saucers shown below, and creamer illustrated above is remarkable. The teapots are each a classic example in form and matched with superb decoration.

We would be delighted to discuss any or more of these with you and welcome your inquiries.

Steven and Andrew Chait

If you are in New York, do come and visit!  Our gallery is open at normal hours: Monday - Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM and by appointment.  It would be a pleasure to see you in person and show you through.  (Please note: Masks are needed to enter the builiding and appropriate social distancing and precautions will be observed during your visit).

In the interim, please have a look on the catalgue and publication sections of this website.  You will find a fine cross-section of our collection of some important and beautiful objects! We would be pleased to answer any inquirires by email: or phone: 212-397-2818. 

Our Gallery is also available for cataloguing and researching on a limited basis.  We can also assist with repairs needed to objects.  Please contact us if we may be of assistance.



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