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Superb Chinese Unglazed Pottery Figure of a Mythical Tricorn Animal

Western Jin dynasty, AD 265-317


Masterfully modeled in the full round, and posed standing in a slight walking position with head slightly positioned down, horns raised out, and tailed held up with a remarkable curling flourish at the tip. The compact form of the animal is finely balanced by the artist by the raised tail with its curled end to create a wonderful balance and lightness to this otherwise rather strong and compact formed animal. With equally fine attention to features and details.
The pottery of gray color with traces of slip. This is a more unusual large example of this type and in our experience the finest quality example we have encountered.
Length: 17 inches (43 cms.)
Height to top of tail: 11 ¾ inches
TL tested, Oxford.
Related examples of far cruder and rudimentary form may be found in important private and museum collections including two in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and another in the former E. Schloss Collection.
Another similar example was excavated in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

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