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Rare Pair of Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figural Groups Seated on Horses

Kangxi period, ca: 1690


Forming a true pair.  Each decorated with a gentleman and lady riding upon a disproportionately tall horse, depicted smoking a pipe between them.  With an additional figure or groom near the front of the animal.
Height: 12 ¼ inches (31.2 cm.)
Ex: Private American Collection (acq. From our gallery in the early 1990’s).
Ex: European Collection
A rare model. Related examples were in the famed Mottahedeh and P.J. Donnelly collections. 
The subject of this pair is unusual with a hint of a illicitness.  The horses unusual size and toed feet (instead of hooves) suggest the artist was not fully familiar with the animal or originally intended to depict elephants or Buddhist lion that ended up being made as horses.

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