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Rare Chinese Imperial Blue and White Soft-Paste Porcelain Handled Vase

Kangxi period


Decorated with alternating dragon and phoenixes; leaf design the neck.
The lip with apocryphal Jiajing, Ming dynasty mark.
Kangxi period, ca: early 18th century
Height: 7 inches (17.8 cm.)
Ex: Private American Collection
Ex: Ralph M. Chait Galleries, 1970’s
Ex Collection: Libbie M. Thompson
Ex Collection: J.P. Morgan, Jr.
An almost identical vase, Kangxi period but with Xuande mark was in the collection of Prince Kung and sold in the early 1900’s at the American Art Galleries. Another Kangxi example but with Jiajing mark is in the Baur Collection, Geneva.
Examples but from Ming dynasty from the Jiajing and Wanli reigns are in the Palace Museum, Beijing (2000, Vol. 35, Nos. 89 and 170)- both from the Court Collection.

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