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Chinese Glazed Biscuit Porcelain Figure of Shoulao

Kangxi period


Daoist god of Longevity,
Finely modeled and posed standing and holding a scroll.  The figure is dressed in an elaborate yellow and green robe decorated with floral designs, Shou characters (for Long Life) and auspicious symbols.
Kangxi period, AD 1662-1722
Height: 9 ¼ inches (23.5 cm)
Ex: Private American Collection
Ex: Collection Mon. & Mdm. Sylvain L. Goldmuntz, Belgium (acquired in the early 1960's)
Ex Collection: Hon. Mrs. Basil (Nellie) Ionides, England
Illustrated: Heros et Divinites de la Chine by J. van Goidsenhoven, Belgium, 1971.
Similar and related examples: the Victoria & Albert Museum (Salting Collection) and Taft Collection,
Cincinnati; and former Goldschmidt Collection, Berlin.

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