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Chinese Deep Red Flambe Glazed String Neck Bottle Vase

Mid-18th century


Of fine form.  Decorated in a deep red glaze of great evenness of tone.  The underfoot with characteristic crackled glaze.
Ca: mid-18th century
Height: 15 ½ inches (38.8 cm.)
Vases of this form are based on Song dynasty metal and ceramic prototypes.  Similar and related examples of varying tone and distinctive string banded design may be found in the Palace Museum, Beijing.  A famous painting by Giuseppe Castiglione: Gathering of Many Auspicious Signs dated to 1723 in the National Palace Museum features a similar looking vase in blue/ guan type glaze.
A very similar pair of vases mounted in ormolu is in the British Royal Collection (Ayers, 2016, Volume II, No. 1390).

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