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Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Baluster Vase

Kangxi period


Decorated with a scene from a classic tale with Military figures conversing, situated on a draped terrace of a palace; and with Court lady waiting outside the meeting.  
Kangxi period, ca: late 17th century
Height: 18 ¼ inches
Ex: Private American Collection
Note: Epic scenes such as this from historic tales were often used for decoration on Kangxi period porcelains to relate themes of rightful rule of the new Qing dynasty.  The quality of the painted decoration on this vase is particularly fine, as is the variety of tone of the underglaze blue.  A vase of similar form with a figures in a land and seascape setting (possibly from the Richard Bennett Collection) is illustrated by Gorer and Blacker:  Chinese Porcelain and Hard Stones, 1911, Vol. II, pl. 142.


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