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Chinese Biscuit Porcelain Figure of Guandi

Kangxi period. ca: late 17th century


Modeled in the full round from fine biscuit kaolinic porcelain made at the Jingdezhen kilns in the province of Jiangxi. The figure is posed seated upon a throne, with his left hand resting upon his left leg and right arm bent and held slightly forward at mid-section.  He is dressed in elaborate armor with animal head ornaments at the waist, shoulders, knees, and breast.  A robe decorated with chilin and floral designs is tied about his neck.  His face is well modeled with fine detail to features.  Upon his head he wears a tied peaked cap with additional ornamental diadem.  The throne upon which he sits is in the form of a stepped bench with high plinth that is decorated along the front with confronting cranes, cloud scrolls, and auspicious emblems, and with a crested wave design in the center filled with a diaper design.  Along the back of the throne is a freely drawn landscape with a scholar and attendant all painted in sepia.  
Figures of this type are rare.
Of the Kangxi period, ca: late 17th century
Height: 13 1/8 inches (33.5 cms.)
An almost identical example was in the J.P. Morgan Collection, illustrated and described: Vol. II, 1911, No.1199.

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